Auction packages

You can use the auctionPackages resource to do the following:

You can’t use the Marketplace API to create new auction packages, or view their targeting details. You can create auction packages and configure targeting in the Authorized Buyers Marketplace UI.

When you subscribe a buyer or client to an auction package, you receive Real-time Bidding bid requests based on a combination of your pretargeting configurations, and the targeting details in the auction package.

Unlike pretargeting configurations, auction packages don't impact the number of bid requests you receive. Bid requests for auction packages are a subset of the total requests you receive based on your pretargeting configuration.

In bid requests, auction packages are identified similarly to deals with either of the following fields:

  • Google: BidRequest.adslot[].matching_ad_data[].direct_deal[].direct_deal_id
  • OpenRTB: BidRequest.imp[][].id

The preceding fields are populated with the auction package resource ID found in the auction package's name.

Auction packages are different from deals in the following ways:

  • Auction packages are targeting that can be shared between buyers and clients.
  • Auction packages don’t involve negotiation between a buyer and publisher, and are in effect after a buyer or client subscribes to them.
  • Bids for auction packages directly compete on the open auction.