You can create representations of your clients with the clients resource.

You can use clients to negotiate proposals, and subscribe to auction packages on behalf of your clients. You can also use the clients resource to manage the level of access your clients have to the Authorized Buyers Authorized Buyers Marketplace UI.

For example, if a client’s role is set to CLIENT_DEAL_APPROVER, they can independently do the following in the Authorized Buyers Marketplace UI:

  • Initiate new proposals.
  • Negotiate with publishers.
  • Approve proposals.

To learn more about client roles and what they can access in the Authorized Buyers Marketplace UI, see ClientRole.


Your clients aren’t visible to publishers, and don’t receive proposals initiated by publishers unless sellerVisible is set to True.

A Client that isn't visible to publishers can still access Marketplace features that are available to their role. For example, a Client that isn't sellerVisible can view proposals you initiate on their behalf.


You can provide a unique identifier for each Client with partnerClientId.

For example, you might want to use partnerClientId to map a Client to your own identifier for the client the Client represents.