Assertion types that the app can support at the token endpoint.

UNKNOWN_ASSERTION_TYPE Unknown assertion type for backwards compatability. Rejected.

OpenIDConnect ID token. This is JWT token with grantType set to urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:jwt-bearer. This is the same token as produced by Google Sign-In libraries, and its verification is documented at For more information on JWT tokens, see

This token will include the non-standard key-value pair intent=get when the user attempts to link to an existing account.

The response should be as per in the event of success, and as per in the event of error.

ACCOUNT_CREATION This is the same as ID_TOKEN, except that a non-standard key "intent" will be set to "create" indicating that the user is atempting to create a new account that should be associated with the Google ID in the sub field of the JWT, as with other usage of Google Sign-In. The responses are as with ID_TOKEN.