Upload your Action package (Dialogflow)

Once you create your Action package and deploy its fulfillment, you can upload your Action package to the Actions console. The Actions console uses Action projects to group your Conversational Action with metadata, like its review status and display name in the Assistant directory.

Create a project

  1. Go to the Actions console.
  2. Click New Project, enter name for the project, and click Create Project.
  3. In the More options section, click Actions SDK.
  4. In the modal window that appears, write down or save the gactions command provided. You'll use a command similar to this to upload your Action package.
  5. Click OK to finish creating your project.

Now that your project is created, you can reference it using its project ID.

Upload Action package using gactions

The gactions command provided by the Actions console contains placeholder values for the package name of your Action package and for your project ID. To upload your Action package from the terminal, run the following command, replacing PACKAGE_NAME and PROJECT_ID with the relevant values for your project:

gactions update --action_package PACKAGE_NAME --project PROJECT_ID

In the above command, the package name is the file name for your Actions package .JSON file (including the file extension). You can get your project ID on the Project settings page in the Actions console.

For reference information about the Action package itself, see the Action package reference.