Conversational Actions will be deprecated on June 13, 2023. For more information, see Conversational Actions sunset.


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The category choices for an Actions project.

CATEGORY_UNSPECIFIED Unknown / Unspecified.
BUSINESS_AND_FINANCE Business and Finance category.
EDUCATION_AND_REFERENCE Education and Reference category.
FOOD_AND_DRINK Food and Drink category.
GAMES_AND_TRIVIA Games and Trivia category.
HEALTH_AND_FITNESS Health and Fitness category.
KIDS_AND_FAMILY Kids and Family category.
LIFESTYLE Lifestyle category.
LOCAL Local category.
MOVIES_AND_TV Movies and TV category.
MUSIC_AND_AUDIO Music and Audio category.
NEWS News category,
NOVELTY_AND_HUMOR Novelty and Humor category.
PRODUCTIVITY Productivity category.
SHOPPING Shopping category.
SOCIAL Social category.
SPORTS Sports category.
TRAVEL_AND_TRANSPORTATION Travel and Transportation category.
UTILITIES Utilities category.
WEATHER Weather category.
HOME_CONTROL Home Control category.