What Is The Management API - Overview

This document provides a high level overview of the Google Analytics Management API Version 3.0.


The Management API provides access to the Google Analytics configuration data for an authorized user. With this API you can:

  • List all the Account, Property and View (Profile) information for a user.
  • Manage Properties, Views (Profiles), and Goals.
  • Manage user permissions for an account hierarchy.
  • Retrieve a View (Profile) ID to use with the Core Reporting API.
  • Determine which goals are active and access their configured names.
  • Retrieve a user's Custom Segments to apply them to Core Reporting API queries.
  • Upload cost data to Google Analytics for non-Google paid campaigns.
  • Manage Content Experiments.
  • Manage Unsampled Reports.
  • Manage Filters and the links between Filters and Views (Profiles).
  • Manage Links between Analytics properties and AdWords accounts.

Get Started

Want to get started right away? Read the Hello Analytics API Tutorial.

Each application that uses the API will have to go through a couple of steps to register, authorize the user, and work with the API. This tutorial will walk you through each step and in the end, you will have a working application that you can customize.

Conceptual Overview

The Management API v3 exposes multiple Google Analytics configuration entities. Most are organized hierarchically: Each user's Account can have one or more Web Properties, each of which can have one or more Views (Profiles) or Custom Data Sources. Each user's Account can also have one or more Filters. Views (Profiles) can have one or more Goals, Unsampled Reports or Experiments, and Custom Data Sources can have one or more Uploads. There are also entities that allow users to manage user permissions by creating a User Link at the Account, Web Property, or View (Profile) level. Similarly, AdWords Links can be constructed at the Web Property level. Filters can be connected to a particular View (Profile) with a Profile Filter Link. A user can also define Segments, which are not hierarchically related to any of the other entities. This diagram represents the parent-child relationships among the entities:

   of Google Analytics Management Entities

For general information on accounts and views (profiles) in Analytics, see Accounts and Views (Profiles).

Version 3.0 of the Management API exposes each of the entities as a Resource. A list of Resources of a particular kind make up a Collection. The API exposes each Collection at a URI that can be queried to return the list of entities in it.

See the Management Reference guide to get a detailed description of the methods in the API and the data they return.

Quota Policies

The Google Analytics API handles millions of operations. To protect the system from receiving more operations than it can handle, and to ensure an equitable distribution of system resources, it is necessary to employ a quota system. Read the Limits and Quotas guide for specific limits.

Next Steps

Now that you understand how the API works, we have a couple of resources to help you:

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