APIs for Large Companies

Automate account and user configuration.

Large companies have unique needs; they have many users and many websites. Google Analytics APIs for enterprise allows IT teams to programmatically setup and configure Google Analytics accounts, saving time, and allowing you to spend more time analyzing data.

Manage Account Configuration

Programmatically create and edit Properties, Profiles (Views), and Goals. Build out new account structures. Enable features across existing accounts like ecommerce.

A hierarchy representing the Google Analytics account
                structure. Accounts at the top level, properties at the second
                level, and profiles at the lowest level. A property and
                profile have been added to the hierarchy, and the profile is
                configured for eccommerce, and a goal has been created for the

Manage User Permissions

Quickly list which users have access to your accounts. Write programs to sync Google Analytics users with corporate directory services, such as LDAP.

A hierarchy with an account at the top level, 2 web properties
            at the second level and connected to the account. At the third
            level a single profile is connected to the leftmost web property
            and 2 profiles are connected to the rightmost web property. Users
            and permissions and are each of the three levels.