Events provide insight on what is happening with your website or app, such as user actions, system events, or errors. There are three categories of events that can be sent to Google Analytics:

Automatically collected events

Automatically collected events are sent to Google Analytics by the global site tag. No additional configuration is needed for automatically-collected event data to appear in your reports.

Recommended events are for common measurement scenarios that require additional context in order to be meaningful. Because they require additional context, they are not automatically sent by the global site tag.

The following events are recommended:


The following sends the recommended login event:

gtag('event', 'login', {
  'method': 'Google'

Custom events

Custom events are events that are not already automatically collected or recommended events. Only use custom events if the existing events don't handle your use case. Custom events won't show up in most standard reports so you will likely need to set up custom reporting for meaningful analysis.