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Developer Guides & Reference

As a developer, you can extend the functionality of the Google Analytics service — from customizing data collection for web and mobile, to programmatically accessing Analytics view (profile) and reporting data, to building your own Analytics solution. The Google Analytics developer platform provides access to the resources used to collect, configure, and report on user interactions to your online content.


  1. Web Tracking (analytics.js)

    Measure user interaction with websites or web applications.

  2. Android

    Track user interaction with Android applications.

  3. iOS

    Track user interaction with iOS applications.

  4. Measurement Protocol

    Measure user interaction in any environment with this low-level protocol.

  5. Unity

    Track user interactions in Unity games.


  1. Management API

    Access and manage the configuration of Google Analytics resources such as accounts, properties, views, goals, permissions, etc.

  2. Provisioning API

    Create new Google Analytics accounts.


  1. Core Reporting API

    Query for dimensions and metrics to produce customized reports.

  2. Embed API

    Easily create and embed dashboards on a 3rd party website in minutes.

  3. Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API

    Query the traffic source paths that lead to a user's goal conversion.

  4. Metadata API

    Returns the list and attributes of dimensions and metrics exposed in the Google Analytics reporting APIs.

  5. Real Time Reporting API

    Report on the activity occurring on your property right now.