Life Time Value (LTV)

When an impression occurs, the Google Mobile Ads SDK calls the paid event handler with its associated revenue data. By implementing this handler, you can use the data to calculate a user's life time value, or forward the data downstream to other relevant systems.

This guide is intended to help you implement LTV data capture in your iOS app.


  • Reach out to your account manager to get allowlisted for this feature.
  • Import the Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.54.0 or higher.
  • Complete the steps in [Get started](/admob/ios/quick-start.
  • Before you can receive any paid event, you need to implement at least one ad format:

Implementing paid event handler

Each ad format has a paidEventHandler property of type GADPaidEventHandler. During the lifecycle of an ad event, the Google Mobile Ads SDK monitors impression events and invokes the handler with an earned value.

@import GoogleMobileAds;
@import UIKit;

@interface ViewController ()
@property(nonatomic, strong) GADRewardedAd *rewardedAd;

@implementation ViewController
- (void)requestRewardedAd {
  __weak ViewController *weakSelf = self;

  GADRequest *request = [GADRequest request];
   loadWithAdUnitID:@"ad unit ID"
   completionHandler:^(GADRewardedAd *ad, NSError *error) {
    if (error) {
      NSLog(@"Rewarded ad failed to load with error: %@", [error localizedDescription]);
    self.rewardedAd = ad;
    self.rewardedAd.paidEventHandler = ^void(GADAdValue *_Nonnull value){
      ViewController *strongSelf = weakSelf;
      // TODO: Send the paid event information to your preferred analytics
      // server directly within this callback.

      NSLog(@"Paid event of value %@ in currency %@ of precision %@ occurred for ad unit %@ from ad network adapter %@).",

Integrating LTV API in App Attribution Partners (AAP)

For complete details on forwarding ads revenue data to analytics platforms, refer to the partner's guide:

Partner SDK

Implementation best practices

  • Set the handler immediately once you create or get access to the ad object, and definitely before showing the ad. This ensures you don't miss any paid event callbacks.
  • Send the paid event information to your preferred analytics server immediately at the time the paidEventHandler method is called. This ensures you don't accidentally drop any callbacks and avoids data discrepancies.


GADAdValue is a class that represents the value earned per paid event, including the value's currency code and its precision type encoded as below.

GADAdValuePrecision Description
GADAdValuePrecisionUnknown An ad value that's unknown. This gets returned when LTV pingback is enabled but there isn't enough data available.
GADAdValuePrecisionEstimated An ad value estimated from aggregated data.
GADAdValuePrecisionPublisherProvided A publisher provided ad value, such as manual CPMs in a mediation group.
GADAdValuePrecisionPrecise The precise value paid for this ad.