Sound Library

You can use these sounds to enhance the user experience and increase the polish of your actions. Google hosts these sounds for you, so all you need to do is reference them in the src attribute of an <audio> element when using SSML.These sounds are also are hosted for you, so there's no need to download them and host them yourself.

The following code snippet shows you how to use these sounds with the Node.js client library:

function playAudio(assistant) {
  let text_to_speech = '<speak>'
    + 'I can play a sound'
    + '<audio src="">a digital watch alarm</audio>. '
    + '</speak>'
Sound Play
Alarm Clock
Beep Short
Bugle Tune
Radiation Meter
Winding Alarm Clock
Sound Play
Animal Bark And Growl
Bee Buzz
Big Mammal Eating Breathes
Buzzing Fly
Cat Purr Close
Cicada Chirp
Dog Growling
Flies Buzzing and Circling
Mouse Squeaking
Tentacle Flop Down
Woodpecker Pecking Fast
Woodpecker Pecking on Tree
Sound Play
Cartoon Boing
Cartoon Cowbell
Cartoon Ringing Hit
Cartoony Bounce To Ceiling
Clang and wobble
Clown Slide Sound Effects
Concussive Guitar Hit
Concussive Hit Guitar Boing
Crash Layer Drumset
Crash Layer Snare
Cymbal Kick
Fart Long through Door
Fart Toot
Finger Flick Series
Getting Stuck
Goofy Spring Bounces
Hair Ripping
Hitting a Woodblock
Inflating Big Balloon
Instrument Strum
Long Fart
Magic Chime
Metal Twang
Metallic Clank
Metallic Twang High
Rubber Duck Squeak Series
Rubber Glove Pulling On Series
Rubber Glove Snapping Series
Rubber Squeaking
Siren Whistle
Slap with Glove
Slapping Bare Skin
Slapping Three Faces
Slide Whistle
Slide Whistle to Drum
Small Bell Jingle
Stomach Thumps
Strike Hollow Wood
Suction Cup Pull
Tympani Bing
Vomit in Bathroom
Vomiting Close
Wood Plank Flicks
Sound Play
Cupboard Door
Deadbolt Lock
Door Close Far
Door Hitting Backstop - Far
Door Knob
Door Locking Shut
Door Opening Closing
Door Slams Fast Four Times
Doorknob Opening
Doorknob Turn Open
Front Door Close
Glass Shower Door
Glass Shower Door Shake
Grab Small Knob
Heavy Door Close
Latch Opening Closing
Lid close wood
Locked Doorknob Jiggle
Medicine Cabinet Latch
Metal Door
Metal Scrap Rattling
Opening Bathroom Door
Opening Closing Bathroom Door
Opening Closing Heavy Door
Opening door with Key
Screen Door Close
Sliding Glass Door
Sliding Glass Door Aggressive
Sliding Glass Door Closing
Sliding Glass Door Opening
Turning Door Knob
Wood Door - Open/Close
Wood Door - Open/Close Hard
Wood Door Creak Open
Wood Door Open
Wood Door Open and Close Series
Wood Rattle
Sound Play
Beeper Emergency Call
Emergency Flare Burns
Emergency Radio Alert
Emergency Siren Distant
Emergency Siren Short Burst
Sound Play
Aluminum Can Open
Body in Car
Bottle Cap Open
Branch and Leaves
Cassette Tape Rewind
Change Drop on Wood
Dancing the Charelston
Dress Shoe Jog on Gravel
Dress Shoe Jog on Wood
Dress Shoe Run on Concrete
Dress Shoe Run on Gravel
Dress Shoe Run on Wood
Dress Shoe Sidestep on Gravel
Dress Shoe Sidestep on Wood
Dress Shoe Turn Concrete
Dress Shoe Turn Light Grit
Dress Shoe Turn Wood
Dress Shoe Walk Light Grit
Dress Shoe Walk Solid Wood
Dress Shoe Walking down stairs
Dress Shoes on Concrete Stairs
Dress Shoes on Stairs Concrete
Dress Shoes on Stairs Wood
Dress Shoes on Wood Stairs
Dress Shoes up Stairs Concrete
Dress Shoes up Stairs Wood
Dress shoe jog on concrete
Drink and Swallow
Dropping object in bathroom
Dry Off with Towel
Drying Hands on Towel
Flip Flops On Wood
Footstep on Cracked Glass
Glass Drop and Roll
Grass Landing
Hand Claps Medium
Hit and Rattle
Jog Down Concrete Stairs
Jog Down Solid Wood Stairs
Jog On Gravel
Jog On Grit
Jog On Hollow Wood
Jog On Solid Wood
Jog Up Concrete Stairs
Jog Up Solid Wood Stairs
Jog Up Stairs Concrete
Jog Up Stairs Wood
Jog on concrete
Jog on wood
Karate hit
Knife Sharpen
Knuckle Crack
Lighter Flick
Metal Hits and Stop
Object Grating Metal
Paper Bag Opening
Paper Ripping
Paper Scraps Cut
Peeling Ojbect
Pen Clicking
Pull Tissue From Box
Punch Cloth Series
Punch Swoosh Series
Put Cap On Pen
Rake Swing Whoosh Close
Rake Swing Whoosh Hall
Run On Gravel
Run On Solid Wood
Run in dirt
Run on grit
Run on wood
Running Into The Woods
Rustling Leaves
Scuff Concrete With Heels
Scuff Gravel With Heels
Scuff Grit With Heels
Scuff Hollow Wood With Heels
Scuff Solid Wood With Heels
Scuff on Concrete Series
Shoe Scuffing on Concrete
Shoe Scuffing on Wood
Shuffle Around House
Sidestep On Solid Wood
Slide On Leaves
Smoothing Cloth On Table
Sneaker Fast Walk Concrete
Sneaker Fast Walk Gravel
Sneaker Fast Walk Hollow Wood
Sneaker Fast Walk Light Grit
Sneaker Jog Concrete
Sneaker Jog Dirt
Sneaker Jog Hollow Wood
Sneaker Jog Light Grit
Sneaker Jog Solid Wood
Sneaker Jump Hollow Wood
Sneaker Large Jumps Concrete
Sneaker Large Jumps Dirt
Sneaker Large Jumps Light Grit
Sneaker Large Jumps Rough Grit
Sneaker Medium Jump Concrete
Sneaker Medium Jump Grit
Sneaker Medium Jump Light Grit
Sneaker Medium Jumps Grit
Sneaker Small Jump Concrete
Sneaker Small Jump Hollow Wood
Sneaker Small Jump Rough Grit
Sneaker Small Jumps Concrete
Sneaker Small Jumps Solid Wood
Sneaker Small Solid Jumps Dirt
Sneaker Small Solid Jumps Grit
Sneaker Solid Jump Hollow Wood
Sneaker Solid Jumps Concrete
Sneaker Stairs Jog Concrete
Sneaker Stairs Run Concrete
Sneaker Stairs Run Wood
Sneaker Stairs Up Jog Concrete
Sneaker Stairs Up Jog Solid Wood
Sneaker Stairs Up Run Concrete
Sneaker Stairs Up Run Solid Wood
Sneaker Stairs Walk Concrete
Sneaker Stairs Walk Jog
Sneaker Stairs Walk Wood
Sneaker Toe Slides Concrete
Sneaker Toe Slides Hollow Wood
Sneaker Toe Slides Light Grit
Sneaker Toe Slides Rough Grit
Sneaker Walk Hollow Wood
Soap Pickup
Socks On Wood Turns
Styrofoam Carton
Tamping Soil
Turnaround On Concrete
Turnaround On Gravel
Turnaround On Light Grit
Turnaround On Solid Wood
Walk Dirt
Walk Down Concrete Stairs
Walk Down Solid Wood Stairs
Walk Gravel
Walk Hollow wood
Walk On Concrete
Walk On Gravel
Walk On Hollow Wood
Walk On Light Grit
Walk On Solid Wood
Walk Solid wood
Walk Turn Dirt
Walk Turn Grit
Walk Up Concrete Stairs
Walk Up Solid Wood Stairs
Walk Up Stairs Concrete
Walk Up Stairs Wood
Walking On Stone Floor
Walking On Tile
Walking Wood Floor House
Walking fast on Concrete
Wood Pencil Drop Roll Wobble
Wood Scraps Shuffling
Sound Play
Aggressive Zombie Snarls
Drop Meat
Female Aggressive Zombie
Female Monster Attacking
Female Monster Growls
Leg Bone Break And Twist
Liquid Spurt
Male Zombie Roar
Meat Punch
Monster Alien Growl Calm
Monster Alien Grunt
Monster Alien Grunt Hiss
Monster Alien Roar Aggressive
Peeling Skin from Bone
Puncture Pop
Synthetic Insects
Wet Meat Cut And Rip
Wet Meat Cutting and Peeling
Wet Meat Rip
Sound Play
Bacon Out of Package
Bowl spin
Clock Ticking
Dishes Laid On Table
Electric Tooth Brush Switch
Freezer Ice Into Plastic Cup
Full Glass on Wood Table
Glass on Tablecloth
Glosing Old Window
Hands Touching Sink
Ice Cubes in Glass
Ice Machine Into Cup
Kitchen Noises
Lam Switch Far
Meat Preparation
Metal Cleaning
Metal Scrap Kicking
Metal Spoon Scrapes Pot
Open and Close Window
Phone Ringing Untraditional
Plastic Crumpling
Porcelain Bowl Counter Series
Porcelain Bowl Slide Series
Pot On Stove Metal
Pour Boiling Water Into Cup
Projector Screen Flapping
Scraping Metal
Scrubbing Metal
Sheet Flap In Large Hall
Sliding Window Aggressive
Sliding Window Latching
Slotted Blinds Opening
Vegetables Down on Counter Series
Wall Light Switch Close
Wall Light Switch Far
Window Close Series
Wine Glass Up Down on Table
Wineglass On Granite Soft
Wineglass On Wood Soft
Human Voices
Sound Play
Babies Coo
Baby Cry Cough
Baby Heavy Breaths
Breathing deep fast
Death Impact Yell Multiple
Death Impact Yell Single
Human Breathing Mouth
Human Burp
Human Fart
Lip Smacks
Male Burps
Male Chuckling
Male Clearing Throat
Male Cough
Male Dramatic Crying
Male Laugh
Male Sneeze
Male Sneezing Into Arm
Male Sniffles
PA Announcement - Close
Short Breath Series
Sound Play
Body Punch Series
Cans in bag
Chain Jingle
Chopping Tree
Chopping log
Crash Impact Sweetener
Crash Metal Plate Big Room
Crash Metal Sliding On Metal
Crash Metal Sweetener Distant
Crash Ribbon Steel Big Crash
Crash Ribbon Steel Sweetener
Crash Steel Pipe
Crash Steel Pipe Distant
Crash Steel Pipe Rolling
Crawl and Rattle
Debris Hits
Dirt Shovel On Coffin
Dumpster Bottle Smash
Dumpster Door Hit
Dumpster Door Latch
Dumpster Rattle
Face Hit Series
Fridge Door Fall Open
Fridge Falls, Leaks
Glass Crunch
Glass Crush
Glass Drop and Roll
Glass Pieces on Metal
Glass Shatters Into Debris
Glass Windows Breaking
Glass Windows Crashing
Glass and Metal Collision
Hit With Metal Tray
Hooking up Car to tow truck
Junk Crash
Junk Rummage
Loose change on Wood
Marble Drop and Roll
Metal Box Falling over Rocks
Metal Crash
Metal Parts Cling
Metal Parts Jumbling
Metal Scrap Kicking
Metal Sheets Sliding
Metal Shuffling
Metal Thud
Metal Trash Can Filled
Object Toss and Smash
Object Toss and Smash - Glass
Plastic Board Falling Over
Plastic Object Dropping
Plastic on Cement
Pound On Big Tin Bin
Reverberating Slam
Rock Hits Metal Debris
Rocks On Concrete Series
Rubble Crash
Shattered Glass Hitting Metal
Small Crash Series
Small Glass Pane Shatter
Smashing Car Mirror Series
Smashing Car Window
Stone Drop
Stones and Water On Cement
Sweeping Glass Shards
Tearing Crunch
Trash Dropping in Dumpster
Water Can Fall
Windshield Hit With Bar
Wine Glass Shatter
Wood Hit Metal Crash
Wood Rolling Short
Sound Play
Button Push
Click Continuous
Desk organization
Push Computer Keys
Scissor Snips
Sound Play
Baseball Glove Handling
Baseball Glove Tag Out
Baseball Glove Tags
Baseball into Glove
Basketball Bounce and Roll
Basketball Dribble Pause
Basketball Dribble Pavement
Basketball Pass and Handle
Basketball Shot Rim - Short
Basketball Shot Swish
Bicycle Front Wheel Land
Bicycle Handle Bar Movement
Bicycle Trick Land
Billiard Balls Hit
Bowling Ball Return bump
Bowling Ball Roll
Bowling Gutter Ball
Bowling Shot with Ball Return
Bowling Single
Bowling Slow Roll
Bowling Strike
Bowling one pin
Bowling pin clear
Card Game
Croquet Ball Hits
Deck of Cards on Table
Dragging on Asphalt
Driver Club Hitting Golf Ball
Fist Into Glove
Football Catch And Tuck
Football Dropkick
Football Kick In Grass
Football Punts
Frisbee Catch
Frisbee Throw
Golf Bag Pocket Shuffling
Golf Bag Setting Down
Golf Ball On Pavement
Golf ClubSelection
Golf Swing Practice
Iron Club Hits Golf Ball
Mallet On Marble Balls
Metal Arrow Handling
Metal Baseball Bat Taps
Metal Bat Hits Baseball
Metal Dropped Lingering
Metal Dropped Rolling
Metal Strike
Ping Pong Ball Bounce
Ping Pong Ball Hit
Ping Pong Ball Hits Table
Ping Pong Paddle Toss on Table
Ping Pong Paddle on Table
Ping Pong Serve and Volley
Pool Table Ball Clacks
Pool Table Ball Drops In Pocket
Pool Table Ball Release
Pool Table Ball Return
Pool Table Break
Pool Table Shot
Pool Table Shot And Sink
Practice Shuffling Cards
Skateboard Kick Push
Skateboard Rolling On Pavement
Skateboard Skid Stop
Skateboard Skid Stop Series
Skateboard Trick And Crash
Skateboard Trick And Land
Soccer Ball Bounce On Pavement
Soccer Ball Bounce Series
Soccer Ball Chests
Soccer Ball In Net
Soccer Ball Knee Series
Soccer Kicks Series
Tennis Ball Bouncing on Pavement
Tennis Ball Dribble
Tennis Racket Hit Low
Volleyball Ball Slow Bounce
Volleyball Slap on Ball
Volleyball Spikes
Wood Bat Falling in Dirt
Wood Bat Falling in Grass
Wood Golf Club Hit Ball
Wooden Bat Dropped On Asphalt
Wooden Bat Hits
Wooden Bat Hits Baseball Run
Wooden Bat Tapping Home Plate
Sound Play
18V Cordless Drill High Pitch
18V Cordless Drill Switch
Air Nailer - Wood
Cutting Through Foliage
Drill Gear
Drill Motor Dopper
Hammer On Cement
Hammering into Wood
Handheld Motor Running
Lens Adjustment
Machine Rumble
Medium Drill Burst
Medium Drill Burst Low
Power Tool Electrical Buzz
Ratchet Wrench Slow
Ratcheting Trailer Wench
Sewing Machine Treadle
Shovel Into Dirt
Small Drill
Small Drill Motor On Metal Plate
Small Drill on Plate
Small Reciprocating Saw Burst
Small Reciprocating Saw Weak
Sound Play
Car Brake Pedal
Car Door - Open/Shut
Car Door Closing
Car Pedal
Car Through Icy Puddle
Car Vent Slider
Credit Card Swipe
Doppler Passing By Stationary
Engine Bus
Falling Off Bike On Gravel
Fast Windshield Wipers
Gas Pedal
Gear Shifter
Helicopter By
Horse Team
Metal Gear
Metal Gear Shifting
Motorcycle Horn
Muscle Car Distant Rev Short
Muscle Car Highway Skid
Opening / Closing Car Door
Opening / Closing Car Door - far
Pedal Braking
Prop Plane Start
Remove Gas Cap
SUV Windshield Wiper
SUV clutch
Ship Bell
Slow Windshield Wipers
Space Craft Passing Pulse Stutter
Sports Car Tunnel Passing
Trunk Open
Trunk Window Open Hydraulic Hiss
Twisting Dial Clicks
Wet Tire Drive By
Sound Play
Air Woosh Underwater
Drinking from Water Fountain
Glass Of Ice Pour Into Sink
Pour Into Metal Bucket
Rinse Razor In Filled Sink Close
Rocks into water
Sink Drain Far
Water Filling Glass from Faucet
Sound Play
A10 Jet Flyby fire
Airplane Rocket Fire Close
Auto Bullets Flyby - Short
Big Explosion Cut Off
Big Explosion Distant
Big Explosion Sweeping In
Big Gun Shots - Close
Bullet hit car
Gun Drop on Cement
Gun Drop on Metal Grate
Gun Powder Ignite
Gun Shooting Cocking Foam
Gun Slide Handling - Loud
Gun Trigger Release
Gunfire And Voices
Gunfire Long Distance
Gunshot and echo long
Handgun Cocking
Howitzer Cannon Fire
Laser Gun
Lit Fuse
Machine Gun hit Car
Magnum Shots
Medium Casings On Metal
Revolver Cylinder Click Series
Rifle Charging Handle
Rifle Cycle - Far
Rifle Fire Select
Rifle Mag Load
Rifle Musket Fire Volley
Rifle Shot Echo
Shell Casings Handgun
Shell Casings Poured On Cement
Shell Casings Poured On Metal
Shell Casings Revolver
Shell Casings Rifle
Shot Gun Handling
Smoke Bomb
Spring Steel Rico Hit
Unloading Gun Magazine Singles
metal drop

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