Feature and entry-level smartphones

Reach your next billion users on feature and entry-level smartphones running the Google Assistant. Many of these users are new to both mobile and voice technology, so take the opportunity to show them the unique value of your products and services by creating localized, conversational experiences on these devices. Some popular use cases for these users include:

  • Communication
  • Media
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce


KaiOS is a feature-phone operating system that supports the Google Assistant. Users with this device invoke and use your Actions with only their voice, so keep the following points mind.

Android Go

Android Go brings the power of Android to entry-level smartphones with Assistant Go built-in. It’s the best of Android, built with new and reimagined apps, so even the most affordable Android smartphones are as sweet as can be.

Start building

Whether you're building for KaiOS or Android Go, Actions on Google lets you extend the Google Assistant easily with out-of-the-box solutions or you can build your own experiences from the ground up.


Actions on Google provides easy ways to build Actions, without having to design your own conversations:

Custom conversations

If you need to build your own custom conversations, check out these resources for more information on how to start building Actions for voice-forward KaiOS devices and Android Go phones.

Once you get started, take these considerations into account when building:

  • Refrain from complex conversational flows and mental overload for the user by keeping prompts short and to the point. To evaluate and refine your conversational design flows, consider writing sample dialogs.
  • Remember that the user is on the go and try to help them achieve their task as quickly as possible. To learn how to craft natural and intuitive conversational flows, see the conversation design guide.
  • Design for a wide variety of invocation phrases that might include differing language ( for example, Hindi and English in the same invocation phrase).
  • Invest in sound design, especially for voice-forward KaiOS devices. Use SSML and Google’s sound library.
  • Don't design conversations that require keyboard input. Many feature phone users prefer voice whenever possible.
  • Prepare for speech recognition errors and strongly utilize conversation repair.
  • Use Actions on Google and Dialogflow analytics to see which parts of your conversation are actually working and what people are saying


When building Actions for users with feature or entry-level phones, you need to take into account a wide variety of languages and locales. Actions on Google lets you build Actions with localized responses, TTS voices assigned to separate locales, the ability separate directory listings, and more. See our Localization documentation for more information.


Account linking and transactions aren't supported on KaiOS devices.