The following describes the details of the Actions Center integration process that are unique to Appointments Redirect.

Key Guidance

The following are examples and tutorial covering features that are required by the Appointments Redirect integration:

Feeds must be provided to Google on a regular basis for the data to be directly shown on Google. The following feeds are needed.

Feed Description Frequency
Entity Describes your entities. Once every 24 hours
Action Describes your deep links associated with your entities. Once every 24 hours
Services Describes services your merchants provide Once every 24 hours

The feeds format is described with the protocol buffer 3 syntax but you can upload your feeds as the corresponding JSON format. Please reference the feed samples below

We recommend that you upload the feeds in JSON format.

Upload the feeds to your SFTP Dropbox

Upload your feeds to the sandbox environment. To do so, refer to the usernames within the Partner Portal feed configuration page. The Google SFTP server is available at sftp://partnerupload.google.com on port 19321.

We recommend that you give the files you upload unique names. For instance, it can be helpful to append each filename with a timestamp. This helps to troubleshoot issues and query for feed status.

Ensure you are uploading all feeds to the 'Generic' account
Ensure you are uploading all feeds to the 'Generic' account.

Each feed needs to be uploaded through SFTP separately with a fileset descriptor file. The filename of a fileset descriptor should be <feed_name>-< generation_timestamp>.filesetdesc.json, in which <feed_name> should correspond to the following for each feed:

Feed FilesetDescriptor.name
Entity reservewithgoogle.entity
Action reservewithgoogle.action.v2
Service glam.service.v0

Visit Using the Generic feed dropbox for more information.

Google evaluates feeds

Once you upload your feeds, Google processes and evaluates them for quality and completeness. We look at several factors:

  • Feeds meet the specifications.
  • Feeds include all required fields.
  • Each merchant has at least one action_link and one service with at least action_link defined.
  • The majority of your merchant data matches with Google Maps locations.