A company (referred to as a customer) represents a unique organization with a zero-touch account. This method lists customers associated with your reseller account.

Method signature

public ListCustomersResponse listCustomers(ListCustomersRequest request)  throws CommonException;


Property name Value Required Description
pageSize int No The page size, up to 100. If greater than 100 or null, 100 is used.
pageToken string No The page token. If empty, the first page is returned.
vendorParams map No Extra fields, vendor specified key-value pair.


Property name Value Description
customers List of object(Company) The list of customers associated with the reseller.
totalCount int The total count of devices matching the request.
nextPageToken strong The next page token. Empty for the last page.
vendorParams map Extra fields, vendor specified key-value pair.

Error behavior

If an error occurs, the library throws a CommonException containing one of the following error codes:

Error code