Through the Common Android Reseller Library, the SamsungResellerServiceFactory class uses Knox Deployment Program (KDP) to manage Samsung devices, while the GoogleResellerServiceFactory class uses zero-touch enrollment to manage other Android devices. This page lists methods available to each factory class:

the method is supported
the method isn't supported

Method Description KDP Zero-touch
claimDevice Synchronous request to claim one device for a specified customer.
claimDevicesAsync Asynchronous request to claim up to 100,000 devices for one or more customers.
createCustomer Creates a Company object to uniquely identify a company (customer).
findDevicesByDeviceIdentifier List devices with given device identifier.
findDevicesByOwner List of devices claimed by the specified customer or customers.
getOperation Retrieves the status of an asynchronous operation using its operationId.
listCustomers List of customers associated with the reseller.
listOperations List of operations with a specified operation type and/or operation state.
unclaimDevice Synchronous request to unclaim a single device for a specified customer.
unclaimDevicesAsync Asynchronous request to unclaim up to 100,000 devices for one or more customers.