YouTube API v2.0 – Video Responses

Note: The YouTube Data API (v2) has been officially deprecated as of March 4, 2014. Please refer to our deprecation policy for more information. Please use the YouTube Data API (v3) for new integrations and migrate applications still using the v2 API to the v3 API as well.

YouTube's video responses feature has been retired as explained in this announcement. While existing video responses are still available, YouTube no longer supports the ability to retrieve a list of video responses for a video, to upload new video responses, or to delete video responses, though you can delete the video that was used in a video response. Consequently, these functions are also no longer supported in the API.

API requests for video response operations now return the following:

  • A request to retrieve video responses for a video returns an empty list.
  • A request to add a video response returns a 403 HTTP response code.
  • A request to delete a video response returns a 403 HTTP response code.

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