Clarifies the issuer preference for whether Wallet should allow the same pass object to be shared and saved among more than one user and more than one device.

STATUS_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified preference.
MULTIPLE_HOLDERS The Pass object is shareable by a user and can be saved by any number of different users, and on any number of devices. Partners typically use this setup for passes that do not need to be restricted to a single user or pinned to a single device.
ONE_USER_ALL_DEVICES An object can only be saved by one user, but this user can view and use it on multiple of their devices. Once the first user saves the object, no other user will be allowed to view or save it.
ONE_USER_ONE_DEVICE An object can only be saved by one user on a single device. Intended for use by select partners in limited circumstances. An example use case is a transit ticket that should be "device pinned", meaning it can be saved, viewed and used only by a single user on a single device. Contact support for additional information.

Legacy alias for MULTIPLE_HOLDERS. Deprecated.


Legacy alias for ONE_USER_ALL_DEVICES. Deprecated.


Legacy alias for ONE_USER_ONE_DEVICE. Deprecated.