The app issues this command to the camera to initiate upload of an image or video directly from the camera to a server. The camera should use the included parameters to form an HTTP POST request. The file to be uploaded is specified by fileUrl and it should be uploaded to uploadUrl with the correct authorization specified by accessToken. This command was added in API level 2.1 and is relevant to Direct Upload

One could do this from a computer command line as:

curl -X post -H "Authorization: Bearer accessToken" -T fileUrl uploadUrl


  • fileUrl: The URL of the file to be uploaded to the server.
  • uploadUrl: A string representing where to upload the file.
  • accessToken: A token including the authentication information for the upload. It is obtained by the app and sent to the camera.


  • This command returns no result.


  • missingParameter: Some parameter, for example, fileUrl is missing.
  • invalidParameterName: One or more input parameter names are unrecognized.
  • invalidParameterValue: Input parameter names are recognized but one or more passed value are invalid. For example, the file specified by the fileUrl does not exist.
  • uploadError: Camera failed to upload.
Command I/O
Command Input
"parameters": {
"fileUrl": "URL of the file.",
"uploadUrl": "A string representing where to upload the file.",
"accessToken": "A token containing the authentication information."
Command Output
Command Output (Error)
"error": {
"code": "uploadError",
"message": "Camera failed to upload the file."