Returns a full-size or scaled image given its URI. Input parameters include resolution. This is the only command that should return, Content-Type: image/jpeg. All other commands return Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8. This command was deprecated in API level 2.


  • fileUri: URI of the target file. Manufacturers decide whether to use absolute or relative URIs. Clients may treat this as an opaque identifier.
  • maxSize: (Optional) Maximum size of the requested image; max(scaledimage_width, scaledimage_height). If maxSize is omitted or larger than the full-size image, the full-size image is returned.


  • content: Image binary data, including corresponding (for example, scaled) metadata in image header.


  • missingParameter: The required fileUri is not specified.
  • invalidParameterName: An input parameter name is unrecognized.
  • invalidParameterValue: The input parameter name is recognized, but its value is invalid; for example, the fileUri value doesn't exist, its data type is incorrect, or maxSize has the wrong data type.

Command I/O

Command Input
    "parameters": {
        "fileUri": "file URI",
        "maxSize": 400
Command Output
Image binary data
Command Output (Error)
    "error": {
        "code": "invalidParameterValue",
        "message": "Parameter fileUri doesn't exist."