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Date Ranges

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The Search Ads 360 Query Language lets you specify the date range in two ways:

  • custom date range

  • predefined date range

Custom date range

You can specify dates in ISO 8601(YYYY-MM-DD) format: BETWEEN '2019-01-01' AND '2019-01-31' >= '2019-01-01' AND <= '2019-01-31'

Time periods

Some date fields refer to a predefined period of time, specifically:

  • segments.week
  • segments.month
  • segments.quarter

When filtering on these segments, you can use the = operator with the date that is the first day of the time period. Starting in v9, if you specify a date that is not the first day of a period, a MISALIGNED_DATE_FOR_FILTER error is returned.

For example, to specify the month of May in the year 2021, you would use the following condition, specifying the first day of that month:

segments.month = '2021-05-01'

Predefined date range

The list of valid predefined date ranges is as follows:

Date range Reports are generated for...
TODAY Today only.
YESTERDAY Yesterday only.
LAST_7_DAYS The last 7 days not including today.
LAST_BUSINESS_WEEK The 5 day business week, Monday through Friday, of the previous business week.
THIS_MONTH All days in the current month.
LAST_MONTH All days in the previous month.
LAST_14_DAYS The last 14 days not including today.
LAST_30_DAYS The last 30 days not including today.
THIS_WEEK_SUN_TODAY The period between the previous Sunday and the current day.
THIS_WEEK_MON_TODAY The period between the previous Monday and the current day.
LAST_WEEK_SUN_SAT The 7-day period starting with the previous Sunday.
LAST_WEEK_MON_SUN The 7-day period starting with the previous Monday.