Custom Columns

Custom columns in Search Ads 360 offer a powerful way to tailor your reports for deeper analysis. You can track specific conversion actions across platforms, compare performance across devices, analyze keyword performance, monitor campaign budgets, and even calculate ROI for different campaigns or keywords.

Types of custom columns

The Search Ads 360 Reporting API supports two types of custom columns:

  • Custom formula columns enable you to write formulas using spreadsheet features, such as functions and filters, directly in Search Ads 360.
  • Custom conversion columns enable you to report on specific conversion actions.

How to add custom columns to your reports

You can include custom columns in your queries in the same way as you include fields and metrics, using their ID. The syntax to use is[1234]. Learn more how to include a custom column in a SELECT clause.

How to get custom column IDs

You can get the id, name, description and other custom column details by calling one of the following methods:

Known restrictions

  • No support for Custom Columns that refer to Custom Dimensions.