The new Search Ads 360 Reporting API is currently available as an open beta release. Join the searchads-api-announcements Google group to stay up to date on upcoming enhancements and releases.

Format changes in the Search Ads 360 Reporting API

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Request format

In the new Search Ads 360 Reporting API, the request format depends on the type of request you make. In the previous API you could request a predefined report type using a synchronous or asynchronous request.

In the new API you can customize your search output by defining a search query to suit your needs. The Search Ads 360 Query Language allows you to search all resources for a list of entities that match a specific set of criteria. All requests, regardless of the entity type, are made against the SearchAds360Service. See Create search reports and Search Ads 360 Query Language to learn more.

Response format

In the new API, the fields populated in the response depend on the service you use:

The response includes one SearchAds360Row object for each entity that matches your search parameters. Each row contains one object, for example, a campaign, and includes only the fields you request in your query.
Specific services
You can only request one entity at a time by resource name. The response includes all fields for that entity.

Customer ID format

In the new API, you must specify your Customer ID as a 10-digit number (XXXXXXXXXX) without dashes.