Google Business Groups

GBGs are communities of business professionals that come together to share knowledge about Google web technologies for business success.

GBG Curitiba, Brazil

Some amazing people are focused on improving our world. At GBG I found a way to connect and empower them.

— Erica Marques

GBG Jakarta, Indonesia

GBG is designed to take business & startup on a journey that leads to success by developing business strategy through collaboration innovation. With GBG Indonesia, we are craving need of giving more people superpowers to accelerate their business and create impact together.

— Pera Malinda Sihite

GBG Mumbai, India

At GBG Mumbai we are changing the world, by helping one startup at a time.

— Sreeraman Thiagarajan

GBG Peshawar, Pakistan

It’s fascinating to see how so many startups and SME’s are evolving; It’s even more interesting to see how GBG workshops and sessions help them maneuver through the techpreneurial landscape.

— Maryam Arshad

GBG Prague, Czech Republic

I'm really proud member of community, where everything, exactly everything is possible. Because we are guided by the motto, "If you can dream it you can do it."

— Honza Slavik

GBG Piura, Peru

Es un honor representar a Google Business Group, aprendo mucho, y promuevo mayor competitividad en empresas, profesionales estudiantes, a través de las potentes herramientas de su plataforma.

— Juan Carlos Fahsbender

GBG FCT-Abuja, Nigeria

The energy for my quest was truly inspired when I discovered how much I could impact people, SMEs and organizations with Google technologies.

— Aderogba Otunla

GBG Lima, Peru

I want to inspire other people to realize their dreams, and GBG has allowed me to make that connection that achieves the magic knowledge.

— Melissa Gave

GBG Kuching, Malaysia

With the advancement of technology, lots of great tools and applications are available online. I am glad to be a part of such awesome community that help business owners to grow their business in Kuching.

— Malcolm Wu

GBG Khon Kaen, Thailand

กูเกิลทำให้เรารู้จักคิดและเรียนรู้ วิธีสร้างความเติบโตของธุรกิจ บนโลกอินเตอร์เน็ต

— Krittiwakorn Thammasaeng

What is GBG?

GBGs are independent community-led groups formed by passionate indviduals. All events are free and open to business professionals who are interested to learn and become more successful in using the internet for their business.

Why should I join?

Connect. Inform. Inspire. These are the three driving principles of GBGs. You will meet interesting people in your community, learn together how to use web technologies for your business and unleash new ideas through inspiring speakers and conversations.

How do I start?

Search the map to find a GBG near you. Follow the link to the GBG Google+ Page to find more information about the group and sign-up details. You don't have to be a member to attend an event, but joining a GBG will keep you updated.