Develop for sell side

For publishers and SSPs who are interested in selling ad space and measuring the performance of ads.

Get started

Run an auction and score an ad with the Protected Audience API.
Enable Privacy Sandbox on your test sites or devices.
Learn how to configure and run an auction with single or multiple sellers.
Learn how a seller can control ad selection.
Learn about what signals are available for seller scoring logic and report results.

Dive deeper

Deepen understanding of fenced frames and private aggregation.
Learn how fenced frames fit into the Privacy Sandbox APIs.
Learn how to render an ad selected from Protected Audience in a fenced frame.
Learn more about private aggregation.

Try it out

Get hands on experience with the Privacy Sandbox APIs.
Fork and build a Protected Audience sample project.
Troubleshoot why an ad did not win an auction.

Advanced concepts

Get the most out of your sell side solution.
Learn to set up bidding on the Bidding and Auction server.
Use Protected App Signals to securely store signals on device and execute a Protected Auction in a Trusted Execution Environment.