Develop for buy side

For advertisers and DSPs who are interested in buying ad space and measuring the performance of ads.

Get started

Create and manage an audience and start an auction with the Protected Audience API.
Enable Privacy Sandbox on your test sites or devices.
Begin your implementation by joining an interest group or a custom audience.
Manage delegation and permissions, and refresh ads to keep them relevant to your audience.
Learn how to submit a bid in a Protected Audience auction to purchase ad space.
Learn how to generate an auction win and loss report.

Customize ad selection

Dive deeper into optimizing the ad selection process.
Implement waterfall mediation to diversify ad demand sources.
Limit the number of times a user sees an ad associated with an audience with frequency capping.

Measure ad performance

Gain insightful data on how an ad is performing with the Attribution Reporting API.
Learn how to register different types of ad events, such as clicks and views.
Reporting of the bid price of a winning ad, summing across wins, and handling campaign budget.
Measure when a conversion can be attributed to an ad.

Try it out

Get hands on experience with the Privacy Sandbox APIs.
Try out the Protected Audience API on Chrome or Android.
Try out the Attribution Reporting API on Web or Android.
Troubleshoot why an ad did not win an auction.
Run secure auctions using the Trusted Bidding and Auction server.