Google Partners API

Lets advertisers search certified companies and create contact leads with them, and also audits the usage of clients.


All URIs below are relative to

Collection v2.clientMessages

Method Description
log POST /v2/clientMessages:log
Logs a generic message from the client, such as Failed to render component, Profile page is running slow, More than 500 users have accessed this result., etc.

Collection v2.companies

Method Description
get GET /v2/companies/{companyId}
Gets a company.
list GET /v2/companies
Lists companies.

Collection v2.companies.leads

Method Description
create POST /v2/companies/{companyId}/leads
Creates an advertiser lead for the given company ID.

Collection v2.userEvents

Method Description
log POST /v2/userEvents:log
Logs a user event.

Collection v2.userStates

Method Description
list GET /v2/userStates
Lists states for current user.