What is Subscription Linking?

The Subscription Linking API in Reader Revenue Manager (RRM) allows paying readers to link their publisher subscriptions to their Google Accounts and get highlighted content from their paid subscriptions on Google Search / Discover and other Google products.

With this increased visibility, publishers can strengthen the relationships with their paying readers and establish better retention for their reader revenue. This is a free-of-charge offering to all publishers, news or non-news, that have paying readers. Subscription Linking only supports highlighting content for paying readers.

  • This is a free of charge offering under RRM to all publishers, news or non-news, as long as they have paying readers.
  • Publishers can integrate with "Subscription Linking API" to share the linked readers' entitlement to Google.
  • Subscription Linking supports all content from a publisher, so long as the reader has a paid subscription or contribution with the publisher.