Migrate products management

You can use the Merchant API to upload and manage your products programmatically. The accounts.products resource lets you create an online store catalog, that is a list of products and offers. For more information about uploading and managing your products using Merchant API, see Overview of Merchant Products API.

Here's a sample comparison of Content API for Shopping to the Merchant Products API:

Content API for Shopping Merchant Products API Description
URL https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{merchantId}/products/ https://merchantapi.googleapis.com/products/v1beta/{parent}/productInputs:insert The {parent} variable in the Merchant API request URL represents the unique identifier of the account.
Identifier {id} {name}


Here's a comparison of the products methods in the Content API for Shopping and the Merchant Products API:

Method Content API for Shopping Merchant Products API
customBatch Yes No
insert Yes Yes
get Yes Yes
update Yes Not available
delete Yes Yes
list Yes Yes

Here's a sample comparison of GET method for Content API for Shopping and Merchant Products API:

Content API for Shopping Merchant API
GET https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{accountId}/products/{productId} GET https://merchantapi.googleapis.com/products/v1beta/{name=accounts/*/products/*}


Method URL in Content API for Shopping URL in Merchant Products API Identifier in Content API Identifier in Merchant Products API
insert POST https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{merchantId}/products POST https://merchantapi.googleapis.com/products/v1beta/{parent}/productsInputs:insert?dataSource={dataSourceName} {merchantId} {parent}
update PATCH https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{merchantId}/products/{productId} Not available
delete DELETE https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{merchantId}/products/{productId} DELETE https://merchantapi.googleapis.com/products/v1beta/{name=accounts/*/productInputs/*}?dataSource={dataSourceName} {merchantId}/datafeeds/{productId} {name=accounts/*/productInputs/*}
get GET https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{merchantId}/products/{productId} GET https://merchantapi.googleapis.com/products/v1beta/{name=accounts/*/products/*} {merchantId}/datafeeds/{productId} {name=accounts/*/products/*}
list GET https://shoppingcontent.googleapis.com/content/v2.1/{merchantId}/products GET https://merchantapi.googleapis.com/products/v1beta/{parent=accounts/*}/products {merchantId} {parent=accounts/*}


Content API for Shopping Merchant Products API Description
  • Product
  • ProductStatus
  • Product
  • ProductInput
Multiple fields that were in the Product resource in Content API for Shopping have been moved under the Attribute field in the ProductInput resource in Merchant Products API.