Create and manage sub-accounts

In the Merchant API, accounts can have a sub-account relationship to another account. You can use the Merchant Accounts API to create new sub-accounts under your advanced account. You must have an existing advanced account to make this call. You can't use the Merchant API to move existing standalone merchant accounts under your account.

If you're a third-party provider, you can use this service to build a UI where merchants can sign up and create an account for their business.

Create a sub-account

To create a new sub-account under your advanced account, call accounts.v1beta.accounts.createAndConfigure:

  1. Provide the details of the sub-account in the account field.
  2. Specify any new authorized users in the users field. User access is also inherited from the parent account.
  3. Specify accountAggregation in the service field.

    Here's an example to create a sub-account under account account/123, who is an aggregator for the sub-account:

      "account": {
        "accountName": "merchantStore",
        "adultContent": false,
        "testAccount": false,
        "timeZone": {
          "id": "America/New_York",
        "languageCode": "en-US",
      "service": [
          "accountAggregation": {},
          "provider": "accounts/123"

Accept the Terms of Service

Sub-accounts inherit the Merchant Center Terms of Service (TOS) that the parent account signed.