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Bring the real world to your users with dynamic maps for the web and mobile.

Add a static map image or an interactive map embedded in an iframe to your website.

Add 360° Street View imagery to your apps.

Get the elevation of one or a series of locations.

Provide directions for multiple transportation modes, featuring real-time traffic information.

Calculate travel times and distances for multiple origins and destinations.

Identify nearby roads using coordinates.


Integrate Google’s Place details, search, and autocomplete into your apps.

Convert coordinates into addresses and addresses into coordinates.

Get an approximate device location using nearby cell towers and WiFi nodes.


Determine the time zone for a set of coordinates.


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Learn the basics of using Google Maps Platform APIs & SDKs.
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  • New to Google Maps Platform? Build your first map with a marker.

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  • Learn how to query Google Maps Platform's comprehensive database of rich place data.

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  • Get your users where they're going fast, with accurate, real-time directions.

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Browse the docs for some of the most popular Google Maps Platform features.
Use the MarkerClustererPlus library to display large numbers of markers.
Maps Routes Places
Integrate the Maps JavaScript API into your web app with TypeScript.
Create custom-styled maps with Cloud-based maps styling features.
Display informational text or images to your users in a popup window above the map.
Integrate a place search dialog with built-in autocomplete functionality into your web and mobile apps.
Learn how to get the latitude and longitude coordinates for an address or the address for coordinates.
Retrieve directions for multiple modes of transportation and waypoints.
Look up rich information about places, including the name, address, location, and more.
Fetch travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations.

Industry solutions

Check out the industry-specific solutions offered by Google Maps Platform.
Create immersive, real-world games with millions of customizable 3D structures, up-to-date global data, and seamless integration with Unity.
Integrate Google Maps directly into your ridesharing app to decrease navigation friction for your drivers and improve wait times for your customers.
Improve business efficiencies by locating vehicles and assets in real time, visualizing where assets have traveled, and routing vehicles with complex trips.

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