The Google Maps Platform Tile API is available to customers with specific imagery visualization use cases. Contact Sales if you are interested in this product.

Google Maps Tile API

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The Tile API allows direct access to Google Maps tiles, including map tiles, satellite imagery, terrain imagery, Street View tiles, and various overlay data.

Partners who are authorized to use this API must have an API key, and the account used to create the API key must be added to the allowlist for access to the Tile API. Authorized partners can contact the Google Maps Support Team for assistance.

Once you have an allowlisted API key, accessing the Tile API involves:

  1. Retrieving a session token, specifying the options for the session.

  2. Using the session token to request a map tile.

  3. Retrieving viewport information to obtain details about the tiles being displayed.

If you'd like to request Street View panoramas, see the Street View guide.