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Error Messages

The Street View API may issue an error or warning when something goes wrong. This guide explains each error message, and provides further instructions for resolving errors.

Invalid requests

In the case of an invalid request, the Street View API returns an HTTP 4xx status code and a message describing the problem. Below are examples of such error conditions. Note: This is not a complete list of the possible errors. Please check the actual error code and message returned by the API for details of specific problems.

Example of error condition Status code
The request includes an invalid parameter, or a required parameter is missing. For example, the size parameter is not within the expected range of numeric values, or is missing from the request. 400 BAD REQUEST
The API key included in the request is invalid. 403 FORBIDDEN

Errors that prevent a street view image from being displayed

If the request is valid, but another error occurs that prevents the street view image from being displayed, the Street View API returns either text or an error image instead of the street view image, depending on the error. An example of such an error condition is when the application exceeds its usage limits.

Error image displayed instead of a map
Figure: An error image displayed instead of a street view image

Errors related to API keys and billing

If you use the Street View API without an API key, or if billing is not enabled on your account, the page displays an error image instead of a street view image, with a link indicating the type of error. For example "".

Keyless errors and solutions
Usage limits error: exceeded free daily map loads limit You are using the Street View API without an API key. To resolve, you must:
  1. Get an API key
  2. Enable billing
  3. Sign your URL
Usage limits error: request URLs are missing the digital signature Your request is missing a digital signature (required). To resolve, Sign your URL

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