LocationBias Defines geographical location biases. 
LocationRestriction Defines geographical location restrictions. 


AddressComponent Represents a component of an address, e.g., street number, postcode, city, etc. 
AddressComponent.Builder Builder for AddressComponent
AddressComponents The address components for the location of a Place
AutocompletePrediction Represents an autocomplete suggestion of a place, based on a particular text query. 
AutocompletePrediction.Builder Builder for AutocompletePrediction
AutocompleteSessionToken Token used for sessionizing multiple instances of FindAutocompletePredictionsRequest
LocalDate Represents a local date with year, month, and day. 
LocalTime Represents a local time with just hours and minutes. 
OpeningHours Represents information on when a Place will be open during the week. 
OpeningHours.Builder Builder for OpeningHours
Period Represents a time segment. 
Period.Builder Builder for Period
PhotoMetadata The metadata corresponding to a single photo associated with a place. 
PhotoMetadata.Builder Builder for PhotoMetadata
Place Represents a particular physical place. 
Place.Builder Builder for Place
PlaceLikelihood A Place and the relative likelihood of the place being the best match within the list of returned places for a single request. 
PlaceTypes Helper class that contains most of the supported place types for autocomplete place predictions. 
PlusCode Plus Code, or Open Location Code (OLC), is a geocode system for identifying any geographical area on Earth, even when a street address does not exist. 
PlusCode.Builder Builder for PlusCode
RectangularBounds Represents a rectangle-shaped bounds around a geographical area, defined by the latitude-longitude coordinates of the southwest and northeast corners. 
SpecialDay Represents information on a particular day over the next seven days which may have opening hours that differ from the normal operating hours. 
SpecialDay.Builder Builder for SpecialDay
TimeOfWeek Represents the opening or closing details for a Period
TimeOfWeek.Builder Builder for TimeOfWeek


DayOfWeek Represents a day of the week. 
OpeningHours.HoursType Identifies the type of secondary opening hours. 
Place.BooleanPlaceAttributeValue Value of the place attribute field. 
Place.BusinessStatus The business status of a place. 
Place.Field Use the values of Place.Field to specify which place data types to return. 
Place.Type Type of a Place. 
TypeFilter This enum is deprecated. Use AutocompleteSupportFragment.setTypesFilter(List), FindAutocompletePredictionsRequest.Builder.setTypesFilter(List), or Autocomplete.IntentBuilder.setTypesFilter(List) in conjunction with PlaceTypes instead.