public final enum TypeFilter extends Enum<TypeFilter>
implements Parcelable

This enum is deprecated.
Use AutocompleteSupportFragment.setTypesFilter(List), FindAutocompletePredictionsRequest.Builder.setTypesFilter(List), or Autocomplete.IntentBuilder.setTypesFilter(List) in conjunction with PlaceTypes instead.

Filter to restrict the result set of autocomplete predictions to certain types.

Inherited Constant Summary

Field Summary

public static final Creator<TypeFilter> CREATOR

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Enum Values

public static final TypeFilter ADDRESS

Only return geocoding results with a precise address.

public static final TypeFilter CITIES

Return any result matching the following place types:

public static final TypeFilter ESTABLISHMENT

Only return results that are classified as businesses.

public static final TypeFilter GEOCODE

Only return geocoding results, rather than business results. For example, parks, cities and street addresses.


public static final Creator<TypeFilter> CREATOR