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Max Zoom

MaxZoomService class

google.maps.MaxZoomService class

A service for obtaining the highest zoom level at which satellite imagery is available for a given location.

Parameters:  None
Creates a new instance of a MaxZoomService that can be used to send queries about the maximum zoom level available for satellite imagery.
getMaxZoomAtLatLng(latlng, callback)
Return Value:  None
Returns the maximum zoom level for which detailed imagery is available at a particular LatLng for the satellite map type. As this request is asynchronous, you must pass a callback function which will be executed upon completion of the request, being passed a MaxZoomResult.

MaxZoomResult interface

google.maps.MaxZoomResult interface

A MaxZoom result in JSON format retrieved from the MaxZoomService.

Status of the request.
Type:  number
The maximum zoom level found at the given LatLng.

MaxZoomStatus constants

google.maps.MaxZoomStatus constants

The status returned by the MaxZoomService on the completion of a call to getMaxZoomAtLatLng(). Specify these by value, or by using the constant's name. For example, 'OK' or google.maps.MaxZoomStatus.OK.

ERROR There was a problem contacting the Google servers.
OK The response contains a valid MaxZoomResult.

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