Program neural networks with TensorFlow

Learn everything that you need to know to demystify machine learning, from the first principles in the new programming paradigm to creating convolutional neural networks for advanced image recognition and classification that solve common computer-vision problems.


The Hello World of Machine Learning

Codelab Optional

Learn the basic ‘Hello World' of machine learning where, instead of programming explicit rules in a language such as Java or C++, you'll build a system that is trained on data to infer the rules that determine a relationship between numbers

Introduction to Computer Vision

Codelab Optional

Go beyond the basic Hello World of TensorFlow from Lab 1 and apply what you have learned to get a computer vision model that can recognize items of clothing!

Introduction to Convolutions

Codelab Optional

Learn about convolutions and why they are so powerful in computer vision scenarios. It will equip you to be ready for Lab 4 which shows you have to use convolutions in deep learning scenarios to make convolutional neural networks.

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Codelab Optional

Learn about how to use convolutional neural networks to improve your image classification models. You'll build on the model from lab 2, using the convolutions learned from lab 3!

Complex Images

Codelab Optional

Learn how to use Convolutional Neural Networks to recognize features in an image where the subject can be anywhere in the image!

Use CNNS with larger datasets

Codelab Optional

Learn how to use Convolutional Neural Networks with a larger dataset than lab5. This may help avoid the problem of overfitting!

Intro to Tensorflow Quiz

Take the TensorFlow quiz to earn the TensorFlow badge. You must answer 3 of the 4 questions correctly.