Getting started with Google AI Studio, Gemini AI and NodeJS

Learn how to prototype text-based prompts with Google AI Studio and get started writing your first Gemini AI NodeJS script.


Overview: Getting started with Gemini AI


Learn how to use Google AI Studio to prototype text prompts with Gemini AI, the different types of text prompts that you can use for prompt engineering and how to write your first NodeJS script with Google Generative AI API.

Google AI Studio quickstart


Get started with the Google Generative AI API through this quickstart guide. This documentation highlights the three types of text prompts available via AI Studio including freeform, structured and chat prompts.

Creating text prompts with Google AI Studio and Gemini AI


In this codelab, you will write a variety of prompts using Google AI Studio and real-world scenarios with Gemini AI. You will learn how three different text-based prompts in Google AI Studio work including freeform prompts, structured prompts and chat prompts.

Writing scripts with Gemini AI

Codelab Optional

In this second codelab, we will write a prompt in Google AI Studio with Gemini AI and migrate it into a stand-alone script we can run in a NodeJS environment. Our script will leverage the Google Generative AI API to access the Gemini model.

Gemini API Prompt Examples


Explore example prompts for the Gemini API in Google AI Studio. Browse examples for different use cases and learn how to design your own prompts.


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