Build real-time web apps with Firebase and Angular

Learn how to build a real-time collaborative web app that uses Angular and Firebase to implement user authentication and advanced reactive data patterns, and then deploy it to Firebase Hosting.




Learn about the features covered in this pathway, which include the fundamentals of the AngularFire library, project setup and best practices, route guards and Firebase Authentication, data structure, component architecture, data streams, and deployment to Firebase Hosting.

Fundamentals of the AngularFire library


Learn about the AngularFire library, how everything comes together with Firebase and Angular, and how to integrate the AngularFire library in an Angular app.

Set up your project with Angular and Firebase


Learn how to install dependencies, start the emulator, and launch the app.

Set up Authentication and implement route guards


Learn how to set up an anonymous login and a Google login, add a route guard and a redirect, and use a data resolver to pass in your user.

Review the app's data structure in Cloud Firestore


Learn about the app's data structure, including the resume, user ID, overview, skills, comments, and experiences.

Review the app's component architecture


Learn about the app's component architecture.

Integrate data into the app with the RxJS library


Learn how to integrate data into the app.

Send updates to the server


Learn how to update Cloud Firestore.

Deploy the app to Firebase Hosting


Learn how to deploy the app.

Build real-time web apps with Firebase and Angular quiz

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