Build real-time web apps with Firebase and Angular

  1. The AngularFire library provides wrappers for the Firebase Web APIs and supports which of the following services:

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  2. The AngularFire library leverages the ___ library to handle the real-time nature of the Firebase APIs and the change-detection system of Angular to create a better developer experience.

  3. True or false? The collectionData() function returns an observable that's different from other observables in Angular.

  4. In the latest version of Angular, where are dependencies defined when you use the dependency injection?

    Choose as many answers as you see fit.

  5. Documents in Cloud Firestore are stored in ___.

  6. How do you map a document's ID to a data object in the AngularFire library?

  7. What Firebase function can be used for a guest login?

  8. You can import the authentication functions in Firebase from which import path?

  9. To deploy to Firebase Hosting, you use which of the following?

  10. True or false? The Firebase CLI doesn't integrate directly with Angular's build system. You need to build your Angular app before deployment.