CodePro Analytix User Guide

CodePro Analytix is the premier Java software testing tool for Eclipse developers who are concerned about improving software quality and reducing developments costs and schedules. The Java software audit features of the tool make it an indispensable assistant to the developer in reducing errors as the code is being developed and keeping coding practices in line with organizational guidelines. The ability to make corrections to the code immediately can dramatically reduce developments costs and improve the speed of finished product delivery. Join the ranks of top software industry leaders and the Fortune 500 who have standardized around CodePro Analytix as the most cost effective fully featured tool in the industry.

Key Features of  CodePro AnalytiX

Code Analysis

Dynamic, extensible tools that detect, report and repair deviations or non-compliance with predefined coding standards, popular frameworks, security and style conventions



Automated tools that measure and report on key quality indicators in a body of Java source code


JUnit Test Generation

Time-saving facility that uses sophisticated flow path analysis techniques to automates the creation of comprehensive JUnit regression tests


Code Coverage

Powerful tools that measure what percentage of code is being executed using generated test cases or manual test scripts


JUnit Test Editor

A rich JUnit test editing environment that enables rapid creation, organization, modification and execution of unit tests.


Dependency Analysis

Automated tools that analyze and visually depict the dependencies between projects, packages, and types 


Similar Code Analysis

Efficiently examines Java code to find duplicate or very similar segments of code containing copy/paste bugs or that can be refactored to improve application design and maintainability


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Google's CodePro offering is powered by Eclipse technology and includes Eclipse plug-ins that can be installed and used with the IBM Software Development Platform, an Eclipse-based offering.