Private Rates

Private rates are a type of rate rule that let you offer reduced rates for members of an audience list or loyalty program. For example, you might have a standard rate of $150, but a private rate of $135 for members of a loyalty program.

Private rates have various UI treatments that allow you to display exclusive discount pricing to eligible users. For more information about these options, see Private rates details and examples.

Using private rates

To use private rates:

  1. For each private rate, add a new rate rule that defines the rate criteria in the rate rules XML file. For details, see the Rate Rules XML Reference.
  2. Add the private rates to the appropriate itineraries in your Price Feed.

    To do this, use the same syntax as Conditional Rates: Set the <Rate> element's rate_rule_id attribute to the ID of the rate rule that you want to use, as the following example shows:

        <!-- An eligible non-hidden rate is required in order to display the UI treatment. -->
        <!-- This example uses a public rate, but a conditional rate where the user meets all conditions could also be used. -->
        <!-- This would be the strikethrough price. -->
        <Baserate currency="USD">200.00</Baserate>
        <Tax currency="USD">20.00</Tax>
        <OtherFees currency="USD">1.00</OtherFees>
          <Rate rate_rule_id="sample_qr">
            <!-- Price will not be displayed, but is required for calculating discounts. -->
            <Baserate currency="USD">180.00</Baserate>
            <Tax currency="USD">18.00</Tax>
  3. Update your landing page file (if necessary) to ensure eligible users can book the discount rate through a deep-link to your website.

    The landing page URL is generated by the public rate. The rate rules for private rates will populate in CLOSE-RATE-RULE-IDS (and IF-CLOSE-RATE-RULE-IDS will resolve to true).