Qualified Rates

Qualified rates are a type of conditional rate (previously called fenced rate) that let you offer reduced rates for members of a loyalty program. For example, you might have a standard rate of $150, but a qualified rate of $135 for members of a loyalty program.

Qualified rates are never displayed on our site because we do not determine if the end-user is a member of the loyalty program. Instead, Google shows the original rate crossed out, with a clickable "View" element that leads the user to the partner's website where they can see the rate.

UI options

The following list shows the possible UI treatments that you can use for qualified rates:

These examples show that the wording for qualified rates can be generic ("get a lower price"), show a range ("10-15% off"), or be specific ("15% off"). They can also refer to a specific loyalty program by its name ("Example Partner Rewards").

Notice that in all cases, the qualified rates themselves are not shown; instead, the user is prompted to see the rate with the "View" element. This is typically an obligation of your contract.

When the user clicks "View", we send them to the URL specified by your Landing Pages (formerly Points of Sale). This is where the user sees the discounted rate, plus any qualifiers (such as a requirement that they be in a membership program to book at this rate).

The landing page URL is generated by the public rate. The rate rules for qualified rates will populate in IF-CLOSE-RATE-RULE-IDS and CLOSE-RATE-RULE-IDS.

Using qualified rates

To use qualified rates:

  1. Add the qualified rates to the appropriate itineraries in your Price Feed. To do this, use the same syntax as Conditional Rates: set the <Rate> element's rate_rule_id attribute to the ID of the rate rule that you want to use, as the following example shows:

        <!-- Unlike Conditional Rates, this is required (cannot be -1) for Qualified Rates -->
        <!-- This would be the strikethrough price. -->
        <Baserate currency="USD">200.00</Baserate>
        <Tax currency="USD">20.00</Tax>
        <OtherFees currency="USD">1.00</OtherFees>
          <Rate rate_rule_id="sample_qr">
            <!-- Price will not be displayed, but is required for calculating discounts. -->
            <Baserate currency="USD">180.00</Baserate>
            <Tax currency="USD">18.00</Tax>
  2. Contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM):

    1. Request that qualified rates be enabled for your account.
    2. Send a list of the qualified rates' rate rule IDs to your TAM. These are the IDs that you specified in your Price Feed in Step 1.
    3. Tell your TAM which UI treatment you have chosen from the list above.
    4. Tell your TAM the name of the loyalty program you want to display. (Note that a loyalty is only needed when the UI treatment displays the loyalty program name).
  3. DO NOT define the qualified rates in your Rate Rule Definition file. Qualified rates are a special type of conditional rate that does not use the definitions in this file.
  4. (Optional) Configure your Landing Page file to track usage. The following landing page elements can be used to track qualified rates:

    • CLOSE-RATE-RULE-IDS: A comma-separated list of rate rule IDs for your qualified rates.
    • IF-CLOSE-RATE-RULE-IDS: Resolves to true when the properties have qualified rates. Otherwise, false.

    For more information, see Using Variables and Conditions.