Glass at Work

Glass Certified Partners are authorized by Glass at Work for delivering enterprise solutions for Glass. They are also eligible for co-branding and listing on the Glass at Work website.

Glass Certified Partners

AMA specializes in the medical field with solutions in telemedicine, live-surgery demonstrations, and remote medical training. AMA’s vision is to seamlessly connect doctors-to-doctors and doctors-to-patients remotely through the use of Glass from all corners of the globe.
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APX Labs makes Skylight, the leading business software for Glass. It provides workers with hands-free, real-time access to enterprise data and the expertise they need to do their job. Skylight is used by Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries
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Augmate's mission is to build a world where everyone can work without friction. To accomplish this they've created the Wearable Environment (WE) Manage platform - the leading enterprise solution that empowers IT administrators to quickly and securely scale thousands of wearable devices across their workforce.
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Doctors spend over a third of their day pushing and pulling information to and from the Electronic Health Record. Augmedix provides a service for doctors that allows them to reclaim this time and refocus it on what matters most: patient care.
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Our mission is to inspire people to connect with art and culture through a compelling mobile storytelling experience. Glass brings us closer to that vision, and by partnering with museums and cultural institutions this becomes accessible to everyone.
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Interapt develops solutions that enrich customer and employee engagement, solve operational challenges, and secure new opportunities across a wide variety of industries. Interapt creates and delivers complete packaged solutions including proprietary apps, analytics, and platforms.
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Pristine created EyeSight, a secure video communication platform for Glass used by healthcare providers, medical device companies, and large enterprises to support front-line staff with the expert help they need--instantly, on demand, and hands-free.
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Wearable Intelligence creates Glassware for energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Our workflow, communications, training, and data access products are in the field at some of the world's best known companies.
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Ubimax is a full-service provider focused on creating Glass solutions for order picking, manufacturing, quality assurance, healthcare and more. Ubimax offers custom development services as well as standardized applications.
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