Branding Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when referring to the Glass name or brand.

See the Style section to see how to create Glassware that coincides with the Glass look and feel.

Glass icons and assets

Do not use, modify, or mimic any proprietary Glass icons or assets for your properties. Examples include, but are not limited to, physical merchandise, promotional materials, third party brands, and product reviews. If you have to refer to the Glass brand, do so only with text in line with the Glass in text guidelines.

For Glassware and its related web and mobile properties, you can use the resources provided on Assets, unmodified, to properly create and promote Glassware.

Do not use these Glass icons and assets for any other purpose, for example, in physical merchandise that is related to your approved Glassware or in non-approved Glassware. If you have to refer to the Glass brand in other situations, do so only in text in line with the Glass in text guidelines.

Glass in text

These guidelines apply to all text that refers to the Glass name and brand.

  • Glass is never part of the name of your business, Glassware, other products, or domain name. Instead, use "for Glass." If you use "for Glass" in conjunction with a logo, "for Glass" must be a smaller size than the rest of the logo.

    Correct: "Cat Facts for Glass"

    Incorrect: "Glass Cat Facts", "Glassy Cat Photos"

  • Glass™ always has a trademark symbol the first time or the most prominent time it appears in a creative.

  • Glass is always capitalized and is never plural or possessive.

    Correct: "Send timeline cards to all of your users' Glass", "Get location updates from a user's Glass"

    Incorrect: "Wear Google Glasses", "Swipe forward on Glass's timeline"

  • You can use Glass as a descriptor, as long as it is followed by a proper, generic term:

    Correct: "Glass features" or "Glass optics"

    Incorrect: "Glass Cat Facts" or "Glass Pet Store Finder"

  • Include this attribution in your communication whenever you use the Glass name:

    "Glass is a trademark of Google Inc."

  • Where it makes sense, tag content that was created and shared with Glass so that recipients know the origin of the content:

    • Add "#throughglass" to the content to categorize it for easy discoverability and aggregation. This is often the case with photos and videos publicly shared on social networking sites.
    • Add "Sent through Glass" when categorization is not needed. This is often the case for emails.

  • The Glass logo may not be used.

  • The custom typeface may not be used.

    Correct: Wearables for Glass.

    Incorrect: for Glass.

  • Do not use the logo in your text media:

    Correct: See how Glass feels.

    Incorrect: See how feels.