Frequently Asked Questions

How do I design my cards?

Use the provided CardBuilder ayouts as much as possible. Check them out on Glass-styled cards.

How do I build my user authorization flow?

Follow the instructions on the Authentication guide.

How can I check my Mirror API quota limit?

If you need to check your Mirror quota limit, read this. Also, take a look at our support channels listed here if you have any other related issues.

What is the process if I have an updated APK?

Fill out the form on Glassware Update to submit your new APK.

How do I zip-align an APK?

Go here for instructions.

How can I set an icon for my Android application?

Get your answer here.

Can I use an unlisted/private API in my Glassware?

We can't guarantee that undocumented private APIs will work or even continue to exist in the future. As a result, we require that you remove any implementation of unlisted/private APIs.