Reporting Data Transfer

Reporting Data Transfer is a tool that regularly provides event-level Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 performance data through files available in Google Cloud Storage or data imported directly into BigQuery. This tool provides a way to automate the retrieval of highly-detailed Display & Video 360 performance data for comprehensive, in-depth analysis.

See the file format reference documentation and overview guide for more information about Reporting Data Transfer.

How does it work?

Your team can enroll in Reporting Data Transfer by contacting your sales or support representative. Once enrolled, Google Marketing Platform generates comma-separated values (CSV) files at two cadences: files reporting clicks and impressions are generated hourly, and files reporting activities, such as conversions, are generated daily. You can download these files from Google Cloud Storage, and access them using gsutil.

You can also import the data into BigQuery automatically using the BigQuery Data Transfer Service for Campaign Manager.

What can it do?

After enrolling in Reporting Data Transfer, your team will be able to:

  • Analyze finer-grained performance data than otherwise available through Display & Video 360.
  • Generate and modify your own reports locally by aggregating event-level Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 data.
  • Store event-level data beyond the Display & Video 360 platform's two-year limit.

Who is it built for?

Integrating with Reporting Data Transfer is ideal for teams that want to do their own customizable, in-depth analysis of Display & Video 360 performance data. It also works for teams who use Campaign Manager 360.

As the files generated by Reporting Data Transfer are often very large, you need the resources necessary to store, process, and analyze a large amount of data, as well as set up and utilize Google Cloud Storage and/or BigQuery.

What products work with it?

Display & Video 360 API or Structured Data Files can be used to update resource settings based on performance data analysis. Both of these tools offer the ability to update settings of existing resources, with the Display & Video 360 API enabling programmatic updates of most types of resources and Structured Data Files enabling manual updates of all resources in bulk.

Display & Video 360 API BigQuery Connector imports Display & Video 360 resource settings directly into BigQuery. If you are importing your Reporting Data Transfer information into BigQuery, your team can use this tool to amass a platform-wide dataset in BigQuery. Using both datasets, your team could join performance data with resource settings data in queries, do expanded analysis, and draw new conclusions on campaign performance.