Display & Video 360 Interface Bulk Features

The Display & Video 360 interface offers a suite of bulk features to help your team manually manage their resources more efficiently, using intuitive actions.

See the Display & Video 360 Google Help Center for more information about the Display & Video 360 interface, including the available bulk features.

How does it work?

These bulk features are available through the Display & Video 360 interface at displayvideo.google.com.

What can it do?

The bulk features available in the Display & Video 360 interface can help your team optimize resource management. Specifically, they offer the ability to do the following actions in bulk:

In addition, when new features and fields are added to the Display & Video 360 platform, they are first added in the Display & Video 360 interface.

Who is it built for?

Any team that uses the Display & Video 360 interface for resource management can use these bulk features. Compared to other bulk tools, these features are the most beginner-friendly. Small teams working with a relatively small number of line items across multiple DSPs might consider these features before other, more complex tools.

If your team is managing a significant number of line items in Display & Video 360, wants to automate parts of your integration, or needs to retrieve performance data in bulk, you should consider using additional bulk tools in your Display & Video 360 integration.

What products work with it?

Structured Data Files can be downloaded and uploaded using the Display & Video 360 interface to manually retrieve and update a larger array of resource settings in bulk.