Possible content outstream positions.

CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION_UNSPECIFIED Content outstream position is not specified in this version. This enum is a place holder for a default value and does not represent a real content outstream position.
CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION_UNKNOWN The ad position is unknown in the content outstream.
CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION_IN_ARTICLE Ads that appear between the paragraphs of your pages.
CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION_IN_BANNER Ads that display on the top and the sides of a page.
CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION_IN_FEED Ads that appear in a scrollable stream of content. A feed is typically editorial (e.g. a list of articles or news) or listings (e.g. a list of products or services).
CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION_INTERSTITIAL Ads shown before or between content loads.