The optimized targeting launch has been postponed. Line items will continue to use the targeting expansion feature and the targetingExpansion field of the LineItem resource will continue to behave as it has previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the latest version of the API?

The latest version of the API that this document addresses is v1.

Using the API

What URL do I use to access the API?

What methods of authentication are supported?

OAuth 2.0 is the only supported method of authentication. All requests must be authorized for the following scope:


I want to write code. Where can I find client libraries?

Refer to the client library guide.

I see that I can download Structured Data Files (SDFs) using the API, but how do I upload them?

The Display & Video 360 API does not support SDF upload. We recommend managing resources through CREATE, PATCH, and DELETE methods provided by the API instead. If you still wish to manage resources using SDFs, those files can be updated in the UI.


Does the API have any known issues or limitations?

There are limits on the number of requests your project can make per second and per day, which are outlined in our usage limits guide.