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The following guides provide conceptual and technical information to understand Classroom add-on development. The definitions, sequences, and tools described are used throughout the add-ons documentation.

  • User journeys - Detailed descriptions of user interactions with Classroom add-ons
  • Developer journey - Step-by-step instructions for developing a Classroom add-on

Key concepts for building a Classroom add-on

This section explains best practices for designing and planning a Classroom add-on.


These restrictions apply to all Classroom add-on integrations:

  • Your application must not show advertisements within Google Classroom.
  • Your application must meet all of the requirements in the checklist.
  • Your application must complete the OAuth verification process before your listing is published. Allot at least one week for verification.
  • Your application must be reviewed by the Google Workspace Marketplace team before it can be installed by users. Allot at least two weeks for the Google Workspace Marketplace review.

Action items


Reach out to the resources in our Support page with any questions or issues.