Checks CI/CD overview

Integrating the Checks CLI into your CI/CD pipeline is a straightforward process. You can use the built-in workflows of popular platforms like GitHub and GitLab, or customize the integration for other services you use. To learn more about the benefits of achieving compliance with your CI/CD, check out our blog post on Google for Developers.

Typical use-cases for adopting Checks CI/CD

Compliance and developer teams usually adopt Checks in their CI/CD in the following ways:

  1. Discover issues for developers: A typical approach is using Checks to expose compliance issues during the development process. You can then expose the analysis results within your CI/CD platform to increase visibility among members of your development team. If this is your only intended use-case, it is recommended that you configure the plugins to not fail the build so that the development process is not disrupted.

  2. Prevent issues in pre-release builds: Checks can prevent the introduction of compliance issues in new releases by failing your builds and providing the analysis results in your CI/Cd platform. Your developers or DevOps teams can then use the results to decide whether to stop or continue the build.

  3. Continuous monitoring: Similar to the first use-case, Checks will capture snapshots of every CI/CD analysis in the Checks Console. This will allow cross-functional teams to stay up-to-date and receive alerts on compliance issues.

CI/CD deployment methods

Checks offers several configuration options within your pipeline to fit your environment and preferences. Each method leverages the same Checks analysis, ensuring consistent results.

Checks CI/CD plugins

Checks CI/CD plugins are available for GitHub and fastlane (with more coming soon). Using these plugins is the easiest way to set up and get started, and include the most common parameters.

Checks CLI binary

If Checks doesn't have a plugin for your specific platform, you can use the Checks CLI. This offers a familiar interface for troubleshooting and configuration. The Checks CLI is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Checks API

For teams with highly customized workflows, Checks offers a robust REST API. Use it to initiate scans, retrieve reports, and tailor the experience to your unique requirements. Find more information in the Checks API documentation.